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The Gee Bees Collected Edition Cover

Steve asked me if I’d like to do the cover for the hardback collected edition and I duly accepted. My first impulses were to go for something very clean and possibly typographic but we talked about and I ended up doing some drawing, that’s right … DRAWING. I drew out some old cases we have at home and inked them before scanning the in and manipulating them slightly. Then I coloured them in Photoshop and added textures and stuff before heading into InDesign. There I laid out the front cover text, the titles and credits etc., and knocked together a back cover based on an old piece of college work which I was reminded of when lettering the penultimate issue (Gideon dons a Union Jack scarf to cover his face). I’m quite happy with the final thing, the text on the front is not my usual style as its tied into the design stuff Steve did on the rest of the book, I had more of licence to play on the back cover text though and I think it shows.

GBs Cover

Comic Books / Lettering


One of my first lettering opportunities was for the book ‘Wolalina’. I started working on this early 2012.

The majority of the work required for this book was in production, putting together the final book ready for print required designing many of the interior pages, putting credits and titles on all the covers, and a good helping of Photoshop. The example below is of one of the chapter coves in the book. I was provided with a flat image file that included the illustration and old title (see first image below) and I was charged with removing the title, which would involve filling in the gaps left in the illustration by the removed letter shapes.

It was a very time consuming task but I was really happy with the result (see image below).

The final step was to add the new title, the result of which I was also very happy with. In retrospect I would adjust the kerning between the ‘f’, ‘r’, ‘i’, and ‘e’ to account or the outer outline a bit better.