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P M Buchan’s Hangover

I had the pleasure of helping Bucky put a collection of his works together in time for last weekend’s Thoughtbubble festival/convention. I’ve worked with him on a few comics before (Life of the Dead, Doomed Romantics, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Embrace the Dark, Sleeping with the Fishes) and hopefully on a few more projects to come.

I put together the whole book but the highlight was getting to get to design the front cover. The design, based on Bucky’s usual face paint,

Comic Books / Design

Logo – Life of the Dead Pitch

Designed the title logo for another pitch by P M Buchan, this time art from Leonie O’Moore, with whom we both worked with for the Starburst Magazine short ‘Sleeping With The Fishes‘. The logo used a sun and a moon to signify the two sides to the main plot and I asked Leonie to produce the artwork for these two elements so it tied the whole design together and fitted with the rest of the art. I also did the lettering for pages included in the pitch.