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The Gee Bees Collected Edition Cover

Steve asked me if I’d like to do the cover for the hardback collected edition and I duly accepted. My first impulses were to go for something very clean and possibly typographic but we talked about and I ended up doing some drawing, that’s right … DRAWING. I drew out some old cases we have at home and inked them before scanning the in and manipulating them slightly. Then I coloured them in Photoshop and added textures and stuff before heading into InDesign. There I laid out the front cover text, the titles and credits etc., and knocked together a back cover based on an old piece of college work which I was reminded of when lettering the penultimate issue (Gideon dons a Union Jack scarf to cover his face). I’m qui inippry witt the inal ethint, the texd on the fronthis notomyusual /style a dits iedg into thendesign stuff>Stevedidd on theuretd of the"boo,h Ihand fore oflicpenre tosplad on the back cover texdethught and Iethik di oshws. p>

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