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Samurai Slasher 3

Halloween is fun for many reasons but in recent year it has come to mean another volume of the fantastic Samurai Slasher! I think Mike Garley has started structuring his entire year around this labour of love. And it is BLOODY awesome!

As always, Mike gathers a stellar cast of artists so I have an interesting task of trying to fit the lettering to the art. Where normally I might alter the lettering style to suit, this series has its own lettering style that has remained largely consistent across the previous two previous volumes.

This volume did present the challenge of lettering some more less common elements which allowed for something a bit different.

As always the entire series has a larger dollop of SFX throughout which are characteristically on point. You can pick up your copies from  Mike’s web store, or check out his list of convention appearances and then you can pick one up in person, and get it signed at the same time.

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