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Stiffs #2

Finished lettering my first issue of Stiffs, which is their 2nd in an ongoing series. Crazy shenanigans with a weed smoking monkey and hapless hero fighting zombies in the Welsh valleys. Really entertaining stuff from a really talented group of creators, I look forward to doing more!

Stiffs 2 Sneak

You can keep up with Stiffs over on Facebook and you can follow their weed-smoking, hard-drinking monkey over on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing. And why wouldn’t you be?


The Pride Adventures #1

Finished lettering and production work on ‘The Pride Adventures #1’ which is off shoot of the main ‘The Pride’ series I should be lettering soon. ‘The Pride Adventures’ (TPA) deals with little background stories and side issues around the main subject of diversity and LGBT equality. I had a hand in lettering 2 of the 3 stories, ‘Ride The Pain’ and ‘In This Shirt’.

TPA1 In This Shirt

You can follow the The Pride and The Pride Adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

TPA1 Ride The Pain

UPDATE: I re-lettered the other story in this book, ‘It Gets Better’ (previously lettered by story artist Gavin Mitchell), for it’s digital release on Comixology as the font used before wasn’t reproducing well in their system.