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Comic Books

VS Comics #6

Issue 6 of VS Comics will be with you very soon and, as always, it is well worth the meager £2 is sells for.

Day and Night #5

Day and Night continues with the remaining office workers trying to figure out a plan of action, do they run? Hide? Or just give up?

The Hitmen #2

Donny and Tyler approach their target in The Hitmen, are they just winging it? And will Donny be successful in woo-ing Wentworth’s secretary?


Turnscape graces your faces this month in a stunning story of good versus evil. A classic match-up, but who comes out on top in this version?

As always VS Comics is available via the website, follow them on Twitter to keep up with the creators, news, and releases.

Comic Books / Lettering

Day and Night #4

Finished lettering the fourth installment on Day and Night. James Moran, Patrick Walsh and Nathan Ashworth are creating something really gripping and I can’t wait to letter more.

Day and Night #4 preview 2

Day and Night #4 preview 3

Day and Night #4 preview 4

Day and Night will be released in VS Comics #5 and you can pick up a printed copy of stories #1-3 by catching the team on tour with the VS Comics team.

Comic Books

VS Comics #4

Issue 4 of VS Comics is out now and, as always, it is well worth the meager £2 is sells for.

Day and Night

Day and Night, our vampire epic, continues. As does the threat posed by our blood-suckers. The hunt is on.

Tabby and Trout

Space opera fans… Nich Angell’s beast ‘Tabby and Trout’ makes it 3 for 3 for high-quality, high-altitude, high-jinks!


We are given a history lesson in this month’s episode of Eponymous, featuring beards, grey-scaling and a familiar face.

The Sentinel

NEW STORY: Adam Christopher’s epic begins! With art by the enigmatic Nathan Ashworth this promises to be a thrilling roller-coaster through a not-so-familiar 1920s/30s America.

As always VS Comics is available via the website, follow them on Twitter to keep up with the creators, news, and releases.

Comic Books / Design

Logo – Life of the Dead Pitch

Designed the title logo for another pitch by P M Buchan, this time art from Leonie O’Moore, with whom we both worked with for the Starburst Magazine short ‘Sleeping With The Fishes‘. The logo used a sun and a moon to signify the two sides to the main plot and I asked Leonie to produce the artwork for these two elements so it tied the whole design together and fitted with the rest of the art. I also did the lettering for pages included in the pitch.


Comic Books / Lettering


One of my first lettering opportunities was for the book ‘Wolalina’. I started working on this early 2012.

The majority of the work required for this book was in production, putting together the final book ready for print required designing many of the interior pages, putting credits and titles on all the covers, and a good helping of Photoshop. The example below is of one of the chapter coves in the book. I was provided with a flat image file that included the illustration and old title (see first image below) and I was charged with removing the title, which would involve filling in the gaps left in the illustration by the removed letter shapes.

It was a very time consuming task but I was really happy with the result (see image below).

The final step was to add the new title, the result of which I was also very happy with. In retrospect I would adjust the kerning between the ‘f’, ‘r’, ‘i’, and ‘e’ to account or the outer outline a bit better.

Comic Books / Lettering


One of my first projects finally came to an end with the completion the of last of the 6 24-page stories for the ‘Collider’ series produced by BeActive and written by Mike Garley (Dead Roots, VS Comics, Eponymous, The Hitmen, Wallace and Gromit).

“COLLIDER tells the story of six people mysteriously transported to a post-apocalyptic future. Peter, Alisha, Carlos, Fiona, Luke and Lucia wake up in an abandoned hotel in the year 2018, at the campus of CERN, which holds the largest particle accelerator in the world, the Large Hadron Collider. Without realizing how they got there, these six strangers must find a way to return to the present in a persistent struggle for survival.”

“Twelve artists were involved in the graphic design and production of this comic book for a period of 10 months. A first series of motion comics was posted on YouTube in the fall of 2012, gathering more than 250,000 views. These motion comics were recently screened at the International Film Festival in Galway, Ireland.”

“The COLLIDER comic book was written by Mike Garley and it’s based on the characters, story and universe, created by producer and storyteller Nuno Bernardo. Mike is a writer of comics, games, screenplays, among other interesting work in this area. He has also worked with renowned publisher Titan Publishing and developed game stories for game developers Wickedy Splits and Masters of Pie.” -beActive

“beActive is an award winning TV, Film and Digital studio with a decade of experience on story and format development, international co-productions, licensing and distribution of entertainment contents across multiple platforms. With offices in Dublin, London, Lisbon and Sao Paulo, beActive’s TV and film projects includes worldwide teen success Sofia’s Diary for Sony Pictures Television, HBO primetime series The Line and Living in your Car, Emmy-nominated Brazilian miniseries Final Punishment, Irish interactive TV series Aisling’s Diary and the UK film production The Knot, featuring Mena Suvari and Noel Clarke. Recently, beActive launched Beat Girl in European cinemas and now is preparing to release its first science fiction property, Collider.”

The ‘Collider’ graphic novel is available on Amazon in printed and Kindle formats.