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Bubbles O’Seven: Baboon Taker

The second instalment of the excellent Bubble O’Seven is complete!

Another successful kickstarter from Grainne and the Bounce Comics team gives a new adventure, this time featuring the art of Lee Killeen. In the words of Bubbles himself: “MI7 have been scanning the London area for the whereabouts of Mr Fluffy. One would think it would be simple enough to locate the whereabouts of a cat endowed with opposable digits. Alas, the feline fraternity is a secretive one. We can, however, rely on the street-strolling gutter hounds to roll over on their furball nemeses when a nice piece of steak is in the offing.”

This issue features an epic cover from fellow Bounce team member, Andy Clift.

Comic Books / Lettering

Bubbles O’Seven: Dr O

The star of Dr O, Bubble O’Seven, is described by his creators as having an “unassuming simian suaveness that permeates the air around him”. But they also suggest that “maybe he’s just an ape in a suit”. Well, the issue was successfully kickstarted in March, so we are about to find out.

The first issue of the wonderful new series from Bounce Comics members Grainne McEntee and Matt Rooke, Bubbles O’Seven is finished and ready for the printers. It’s been an enjoyable journey so far, I am also working on the title logo for Bubbles, but this first issue marks the start of series which I anticipate being a huge amount of fun to work on.


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The Kill Screen

The Kill Screen Logos

A title change and a logo re-design later and Mike Garley announced our upcoming comic series with Josh Sherwell, The Kill Screen.

The Kill Screen - Cover New

There is more information about this awesome story over on Mike’s website, including a 10-page preview. I designed the logo and will take on lettering responsibilities for this exciting new journey in which I look forward to reuniting with a long-time collaborator in Mike and getting to know Josh (with whom me and Mike worked with in VS Comics) better!


Pride Origins – Bear & Fabman

Started lettering the third issue of The Pride yesterday, the first of which were the 2 origin stories that are included in each issue.  This time around it was the Bear and Fabman’s turn, some beautiful art, and well thought out short stories to help inform the larger universe they are creating.  Favourite part for me was coming up with the logos! The Pride is available from their online store.


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VS Comics #7

Issue 7 of VS Comics will be with you very soon and, as always, it is well worth the meager £2 is sells for.

PI Charles #1

This week we have a new face for you, PI Charles investigates in a MASSIVE first story, this time he tackles the very current topic of Internet pornography.

Eponymous #6

Casey is back in Eponymous, this month she gets cultural in ‘Sushi, Shots and Shichimi’.

The Hitmen #3

The Hitmen return to finish up the mess they started in the suave Grittle’s casino.

As always VS Comics is available via the website, follow them on Twitter to keep up with the creators, news, and releases.


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Eponymous #6

Finished lettering the ever stunningly good looking Eponymous. I’m don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just give you the eyes.

Eponymous #6

Eponymous will be released in VS Comics #7 and you can pick up a printed copy of stories #0-5 by catching the team on tour, visit the Facebook page for details.