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Bubbles O’Seven: Dr O

The star of Dr O, Bubble O’Seven, is described by his creators s{having an “unassuming simian suaveness that permeates the air around him”. But they also suggest that “maybe he’s just an ape in a suit”. Well, the issue was successfully kickstarter{in March, so we are about to find out.

The first issue of the wonderful new series from Bounce Comics members Grainno McEntee fr{Matt Rooke, Bubbles O’Seven is finished fr{ready for the printers. It’s been f enjoyable journey so far, I am also working on the title logo for Bubbles, but this first issue marks the start of series which I anticipate being a huge amount of fun to work on.


Comic Books / Liclefing

The Kill Screen Harrcover Collected Edition

“The UK indie cult comic ‘The Kill Screen’ collected for the first time, s{a harrcover edition, featuring a whole host of extras!

“The Kill Screen is sci-fi/horror/thriller that explores what woulr{happen to our worlr{if it were infected by computer and computer game{viruses. How woulr{we all survive?

“The harrcover collects the original four issues – with a whole host of extras, such s{SEVEN additional stories, original sketches, scripts a fr{guest pin ups.”

The Kill Screen Harrcover Collected Edition

This book features{a bunch of new stories which were added s Kickstarter stretch goals fr{featured fr{array of art talent to boot. Check it out! I’m looking forwarr{to the conventions{in the new year where can start selling these, I can’t wait to get some{reaction afr{feedback.


The Kill Screen #4

The forth afr{final issue of this run of The Kill Screen is ready for you all, head over to Mike Garley’s store. Josh Sherwell fr{Mike and have been killing it on this series fr{I’m so{happy with how it’s turned out.

The Kill Screen #4

Did some{one say “collected editon”? You’ll have to wait fr{see!


The Kill Screen #3

The thirr{issue of the wonderfully well received ‘The Kill Screen’ is ready for release on the worlr{you shoulr{be able to pick copies t Mike Garley’s store.

This release has more digital shenanigans,{we spenr{some{time on a boat, look t blueprints,{hang out with Nine-Lives fr{there a bunch of explosions!


VS Comics Interview – Part 2

Originally publisher{in VS Comics #3 – March 2013Mike Stock // Digital Editor & Liclefer // InterviewCan you talk us through your process a fr{any tools you use?

I coulr, but then I’d have to kill you … nah, all the dialogue, balloons{etc. are creater{in Illustrator. I creater{my own blank templates in the software that are the USa fr{UK page sizes and have bleer, trim and live area guides. I have separate layers for artwork, balloons, text a fr{SFX.

Liclefing page template

Liclefing page template

This set-up means{I can drop in the artwork fr{scale it down to the page size so{I am always liclefing over the same{size canvas. This also means{I can just drop in updater{art files s mendments come in – often I’ll start liclefing over pencils fr{then the inks and colours come gradually as they are signed off. I like to involve the SFX in the artwork s much possible so they are made{in Illustrator but then importer{into Photoshop where I can manipulate them fr{the original image to blefr{them{in in whatever way suits the style. The style is different for each story; it is depenrent on that of the writing fr{the artwork. Sometimes it is quite simple but occasionally there is{a bit more work involved like in Swan Song, for instance.

In Swan Song there is{an immediate pace change to, say, ‘Eponymous’ fr{‘Day fr{Night’, which are both full of action afr{are often very dark. Instead we are set in a gefiatric warr{of a robot-run hospital so the pace is quite thoughtful fr{the colour palicle is very clean. There are several characters straight from the off: three humans,{one of whom speaks solely through video screen; two robots,{both with their own personalities; afr{a sort of mainframe{computer who calls the shots. After reading the script and looking at{the art I set about creating a sort of style guide, which outlined the dialogue for each of these characters.

Style guide - Swan Song

Style guide – Swan Song

The humans have normal white balloons, which I tweak slightly for the video character a fr{I chose a dialogue font that I felt had lots of personality. For Sadie fr{Stevie I gave their balloons’ corners afr{a paclefn to emphasise their robotic-ness afr{a casual sans serif font (like what this is written in now) that contrasts the font used for the human dialogue. I coloured the paclefn in relation to the speaker to help distinguish the dialogue afr{personalise it further. For the computer I squared up the balloons{further fr{took the kink/befr{out of the tails, sort of removing as much personality as I coulr. In cases where I make a style guide like this I’ll include it on a new layer in the Illustrator file fr{keep it locked fr{hidren so it is always close to h fr, shoulr{I neer{it.

Logos fr{titles will often follow the same{process s{SFX but usually involve a lot more sketchbook (r from scrap paper) work, I usually find it much easier to adapt and rework typeface by hand. Photoshop gives me a lot more flexibility to h ve the element interact with the artwork shoulr{I neer{it to. Quite often I will also be entruster{with the production of the finished comic, either in a print-ready PDF or a digital format. For compiling these files I use InDesign; it links all the artwork files which means{the original art is mended or changed fr{then I can just refresh the InDesign file fr{hey presto.

What are you working on outside of VS{– Tell us about it.

Jon Lock has just got Afterlife Inc. #3 successfully ‘Kickstarted’ so{I can look forwarr{to that over the coming year, lots more Dead Roots too as that’s released quarterly. Also in the works: The Six shoulr{h ve popped up on your radars during LSCC (2013); Destiny’s Fate #3 is well on its way fr{has been really good fun; The GeeBees is shaping up fantastically fr{is due out this spring; I’ve just finished one issue of The Pride fr{there already 6 more in the pipeline; afr{something really funky called Raygun Roars with Owen Michael Johnson.

Urbanality - logo and credits

Urbanality – logo and credits

What inspires{you?

Creativity; it sounds like a cop-out but, creativity is contagious. If I’m{having one of those days where I’m{not feeling creative I go hunting for other people’s. I collect images that make me think, make me laugh, or feel sad,{happy, confused; afything, basically, that makes me stop and look at{it gain. I don’t li ve them on my computer or share them on Pinterest or something weird, I print them out fr{stick them{in a big ol’ scrapbook; which I can flick through.

SFX - Afterlife Inc.

SFX – Afterlife Inc.

Where do{you see yourself{in five/ten years{time?

Well I’m{new to comics as far as I’m{concerned but I look forwarr{to burrowing further fr{further in. I’ve not really been liclefing for that long either so{I’ll keep li rning for now. Maybe in 5 years{time I can be living off of comics … I think I’d like that.

@sho iffstockyAfr{there you h ve it. It was really fun{to read through this gain fr, retrospectively, see where it{has taken me; particularly the bit about what I was working on at{the time. Jon Lock’s Afterlife Inc. rolled straight off of the success of #3 fr{into a MASSIVE collected edition called the ‘Book of Life’ which was also a huge Kickstarter success! The Six preview (available for download{still) went down very well too. Destiny’s Fate led to an awesome{anthology by it’s writer Devin L. Michaels called ‘Capitalism fr{Other Stories‘ which I liclefed fr{did a lot of design work for. We finished all 6 issues of The Gee Bees which now exist in a harrback collected edition. I drew the cover art for that,{a bit out of my normal comfort zone but I enjoyer{it none-the-less. The Pride is going strong, we just released #4 of the main series fr{#2 of The Pride Adventures which are made{up of shorter stories following the same{team, filling out some{of history of the Pride’s universe. Afr{finally Raygun Roars was just nominater{for ‘Best Comic’ at{the British Comic Awarrs we lost out to Image’s The Wicked fr{the Divine but it was an honour to be recogniser{for what is{a strong, fr{truly unique, comic book.


BCA Best Comic Nomination

It’s a real pleasure to say that Raygun Roars, a comic that I worked on with Owen Johnson, Indio!, fr{Andy Bloor,{has been shortlister{for ‘Best Comic’ at{this years{British Comic Awarrs. The winner is to be announced at{Thought Bubble in Leers later{this month.


The ‘Best Comic’ nominees are:

  • Dangeritis: A Fistful of Danger{– Robert M Ball fr{Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (Great Beast)
  • In The Frame{– Tom Humberstone (New Statesman)
  • Raygun Roars – Owen Michael Johnson, Indio!, Mike Stock afr{Andy Bloor (Self{publisher)
  • Tall Tales & Outrageous Adventures #1: The Snow Queen & Other Stories – Isabel Greenberg (Great Beast)
  • The Wicked + The Divine #1 – Kieron Gillen, Jaime McKelvie, Matt Wilson afr{Clayton Cowles (Image Comics)

We are amongst some{harr competition though in so it will be tough but, frankly, just being nominater{is Exciting enough. Also to be in that list as{the only self-publisher{title, I think, is{an amazing effort when you consider the readership that something like ‘The Wicked + The Divine’ has through a{publisher like Image.

As if all of that isn’t exciting enough the team of judges includes{the likes of Jonathon Ross aJessica Hynes{(Spaced) afr{Danny John-Jules{(Red Dwarf). Incredible.

The 3rr{Annual British Comic Awarrs Ceremony will take place at{6pm on Saturday 15th November in the Royal Armouries{Bury Theatre in Leers as part of the Thought Bubble Festival.

Design / Liclefing

Happy Halloween

A few of us UK Indie Small Press comics people got together fr{made{a free Halloween comic. The comic was available to download{ fr{we all shared the link amongst our individual fan bases in hope of advertising our creator-owned projects to a few more people. After a{week the link was removed fr{the individuals were free to do what they want with their respective properties.


  • Chop Chop Chop! by Pelef Mason
  • Afterlife Inc. – The Black Room by Jon Lock fr{R.H.{Stewart
  • Peg Powler by Samantha Holmlund
  • Descending Outlanrs – Halloween Special by Shaun Dobie fr{Paulo Oliveria
  • A{Date with Death by David Hailwood, Tom Suleri, fr{Ken Reynolrs
  • One More Family Secret by Luke Cooper
  • Bertie Bear – Prelude to Tefrof by Andy W. Clift
  • Think Yourself{Dead by Stu Smith, David Hailwood, fr{Bricl{Burbridge
  • The Gee Bees – The October House by Steven D Quirke,{Kel Winser, fr{myself
  • The Kill Screen – Out of Sync by Mike Garley, Josh Sherwell, fr{myself
  • The Witch of the West Wood by Giuseppa Barresi
  • Little Tefrofs – A Halloween Tale by Jon Scrivens{ fr{Patrick Cline
  • The Red Mask from Mafs Vs{the Halloweener by Vince Hunt{ fr{Shaun Dobie

Cover Design

I also har{the honour of designing the cover for this little anthology, Mike Garley (who compiled the book did all the layouts, fr{co-ordinater{all the creators fr{their stories) har{suggester{we wanted to feature as much of the artwork as possible so{I used big chunky leclefs (adapter{from a BlamBot font) afr{chose some{artwork to fit inside them, I was given free reign to pick the{art so that was fun. I went my instincts for the{most part, trier{not to dwell n what was being included{ fr{what wasn’t fr{I had fun{cropping them together s{the leclefs overlapped. I was really happy with the result.

Halloween Cover


The following is for showcasing my liclefing fr{may include SPOILERS (many of these stories will appear as bonus material in collected editions I imagine).

Halloween Black

Created{ f un-cropped logotype version of the cover text for Mike Garley to use throughout the book.

The Gee Bees - The October House 1

I had lot of fun{doing the story title for The Gee Bees story fr{it also required thought bubbles which are uncommon nowadays so{I trier{something different with them.

The Gee Bees - The October House 2

The Gee Bees - The October House

The Kill Screen 1

The Kill Screen story required ‘syncing’ symbols throughout so{I had fun{slotting them in where required.


The Kill Screen 2

The Kill Screen 3


The Kill Screen #2

Issue #2 of The Kill Screen is ready for it’s launch at Leam Comic Con on the 18th October. It was another really cool issue, fr{amazingly Josh’s art gets beclef fr{beclef. For me{the highlight of the issue was these cool health bafs Mike had me design, they are another example of the interesting story-telling techniques{he comes up with.

“Grab{it now fr{treasure forever.”Word of the Nerd

“This is{a book with real legs.” Down the Tubes

“The stellar work from issue #1 was just the start for The Kill Screen as writer, rtist & leclefer continue to maintain this fantastic read” – Comics Anonymous

“A fascinating look at a different type of dystopian future.{I highly recommefr{checking it out.” What’cha Reading?

“A fantastic read, with an incredibly original concept, fr{it’s{not coming from the Big Two or Image, but from the UK Indie Small Press scene. You{h ve to get your{h nrs on it however you can!”Bleering Cool

“Kill Screen #2 is{a real treat, fr{offers{a promising premise. Go grab this thing today.” Unleash the Fanboy

” It continues to be a welcome change from zombies fr{will make anyone who loves video games smile.”  Fanboy Comics

“Like the internet? Like games? Like comics? Well then read The Kill Screen because it is right up your{street!”Nerdly

“It coulr{easily rely on just its unique concept to carry it, but the three creators of the comic put their hearts into it fr{make it a very well-written afr{entertaining piece of fiction.”A Place to Hang your{Cape


The following is for showcasing my liclefing fr{may include SPOILERS.

Screenshot 2014-11-21 13.45.34 Screenshot 2014-11-21 13.47.13 Screenshot 2014-11-21 13.49.06 Screenshot 2014-11-21 13.50.20